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  With its great profiting performance, Shengshi No.3 of Anbang Insurance Group was recognized by both experts and the market. In 2012 Excellent Financial Award of China, it was awarded "the most profiting insurance product of 2012.”


  The activity of Excellent Financial Awards of China was initiated by Economic Observer for domestic financial business such as banking, stock exchange, fund and insurance. It hopes to build a platform for all the excellent financial companies by sharing financial innovations, business operation, financial services and business performance of the awarded company.


  This time, it was started in September of 2012. After two months, it has collected cases of all Chinese and foreign financial institutions that are operating in China, among which over 60 financial companies actively participated. According to opinions from professional agencies, media and readers and combining comprehensive strength, earning position, innovative ability and service quality of all candidates, after the primary and final selection from October to November, the committee selected the best investment product—Anbang Shengshi No.3.


  As a relative man of Anbang insurance product said, Shengshi No.3 Whole Life Insurance (all-purpose) is an insurance product that have the functions of security and investment and advantages of low cost and compounding interest. The advantages of daily compounding interest and monthly interest settlement help customers deal with inflation and bring them good profits. It is worth mentioning that accounts of this product are controlled by a professional investment team. With transparent accounts and fees, customers can check and settle interests on the website of Anbang Insurance anytime. It was reported on Anbang's website that, from April to December of 2012, settling interest rate of Shengshi No.3 has been over 5%.