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At the invitation of the Belgian Ambassador to China, CEO of Anbang Insurance Group Mr. Wu Xiaohui attended the Garden Reception at the Belgian Ambassadorial residence on May 15th, and met with the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium Kris Peeters who was in China for theBelt and RoadForum for International Cooperation.


From the left: On May 15, Wu Xiaohui spoke closely with the Belgian ambassador to China, Michel Malherbe, at the garden reception at the Residence of Belgium's Ambassador.


Anbang is a China-based financial institution with global vision, stable operations, sufficient cash flows and the lowest customer complaint rate, Mr. Wu said so when he introduced Anbang. He also shared information on Anbang's investment portfolio in Belgium to the Deputy PM, especially the success of Belgian insurer Fidea after Anbang's acquisition in 2015. He told the Deputy PM that, what Anbang brought to Belgium was not only abundant capital, but also managerial expertise from China.


Deputy PM Kris Peeters stated that Belgium highly values the development opportunities for Europe brought by theBelt and RoadInitiative. As one of the 13 newly-joined members of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Belgium is eyeing riding the wave of the initiative, drawing on its role of "logistics hub in Europe."


"The Belt and Road ultimately leads to Europe. Belgium and China should strengthen our cooperation and communication. Last year Prime Minister Charles Michel was here in Beijing for the China-Belgium Forum hosted by Anbang, and it was very successful. Anbang is a strong partner of Belgium, and we welcome Anbang to continue to explore business opportunities in Belgium." said Peteers.

From the left: Anbang Insurance Group Chairman, Wu Xiaohui. Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters


At present, Anbang has three main entities in Belgium, namely Anbang Belgium Holding NV, Bank Nagelmackers and the insurance company Fidea. Anbang acquired 100% equity shares of two Belgian financial companies Bank Nagelmackers and Fidea in 2015 in the context of “Belt and Road”strategy. Anbang steers its goals by emphasizing the core customer-centic strategy, redifining strategic objectives, and implementing practical and tangible transformation initiatives. For example, Bank Nagelmackers has transformed from solely targeting at high-end customers to a comprehensive bank, and Fidea Insurance has re-launched its life insurance business. In the area of mobile internet technology, Anbang continues to support its entities in Belgium as well. For instance, Bank Nagelmackers has been intensively developing e-banking and mobile banking to achieve effective combination of online and offline services, and improve customer experience of purchasing services and products.


“Echoing with the Belt and Road Initiative, Anbang will continue to explore investment opportunities in Belgium, making it our strategic hub in Europe and gradually radiating throughout Europe." said Wu Xiaohui. "The portfolio companies we now have in Belgium are tender seeds that need nurturing. They will definitely grow fast and strong in Europe. Anbang's investment in Europe will benefit both China and the investment recipient country, and of course our insurance customers as a whole."