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Update time:2017-04-30


Caixin Media has in the past made numerous attempts to solicit advertisements and sponsorships from Anbang Insurance Group. Caixin Media has even left their unilaterally executed contracts at our office.


After failing to obtain business from us, Caixin Media and its subsidiaries, Caixin Weekly and Caixin.com, denigrated Mr. Wu Xiaohui, Chairman of Anbang Insurance Group, made up rumors on Mr. Wu’s “three-times marriage history” and “termination of current marital status” in their various reports. In the meantime, Caixin Media, through a series of libelous reports, wrongly accused us of unlawful business operations, which misled public opinion and made market chaotic. These actions resulted in severe damages to the reputation of our company and Mr. Wu, and constituted a libel case under the laws in China.


Anbang Insurance Group has decided to bring a suit against Caixin Media and its Editor Hu Shuli, to defend the legitimate rights of our company and Mr. Wu.


Legal Department

Anbang Insurance Group Co., Ltd.