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April 28th, 2016, Anbang Insurance Group spokesperson gave out an interview in response to recent inaccurate media coverage.


Anbang spokesperson said,


"By the end of April 27th, Anbang Life’s cash reserve is worth 207.8-billion-yuan, while Anbang Property & Casualty has 322.6-billion-yuan worth of cash and cash equivalents. Neither of the two companies has the so-called problem of '20-billion yuan in cash gap'.


Anbang doesn’t have a dime of loan in China Minsheng Bank, let alone the '100 billion loans' speculation.


Anbang has always been a steadfast optimist on Chinese economy. Guided by its long-term value investment philosophy, all investments made to listed companies in China are driven by financial returns, with no intension to gain control.


Anbang Insurance Group is a globalized insurance company in compliance with the highest international standards."